Please call to discuss dates and options before booking party



Birthday Party Includes:

90 MInute Party
Fashion Theme of choice
Fashion Show (when applicable)



$375 for 12 people
$25 each additional person

Future Fashionista Style Cake:

Half Sheet $40 (feeds up to 20)

Full Sheet $52 (feeds up to 40)


Optional Extras:

(Prices available upon request)

FF Headbands

FF Tanks

FF Shorts

Food and Beverage for Adults Cool Decor




All parties are customized to age of party girl


Princess Fashion Party-NEW (recommended age: 3-7) - Book Now

Princesses were really the first Super Models in history! Girls will be asked to come in their favorite princess garb and be styled and prepped for the runway. Custom crowns to finish their looks. America's Next Top Model will be banging at the door!

Fashion Wars- NEW   (recommended age: 8-18) - Book Now

Who says that fashion can't  have some friendly competition! Girls will be broken into teams and tasked to create a runway look out of unexpected materials. A hilariously creative fashion show will determine the Ultimate Fashion Wars Winner! (theme created by Miss Jamie Major- a true Future Fashionista)

X-Treme X-Essories   (recommended age: 8-18) - Book Now

Could you imagine that a plain t-shirt could be designed into an accessories? Learn how to re-use and re-purpose an old t-shirt into a HOT NEW LOOK just with some scissors and beads...The new creations will then be Rocked Down the Runway with style!

Fashion Live with Miss Jodi - NEW  (recommended ages 1-4) - Book Now

Let's party fashionista style with Miss Jodi... meet Dolce, Chanel and all her fashion friends for a fabulously fun party!

Fashion Frenzy "BARBIE STYLE" NEW (recommended age: 3-7) - Book Now

The original icon of fashion, "Barbie", is ready for the runway. Girls will style their dolls with custom dresses and them rock them down the runway. Watch the girls eyes light up as they see their favorite "girl" shines in fashion spotlight

Splatter, Rip & Roll   (recommended age: 7-18) - Book Now

Take a plain white tee or tank & make them extraordinary with splatter, tearing, knotting & beading techniques. Everyone will be asking "where did you buy that"? Happens every time!

Designer for a Day- PROJECT TOP (recommended age: 7-18) - Book Now

Be a designer for the day & create your one-of-a-kind piece that only you can rock armed with scissors and an arsenal of stencils and spray paints!

Duct Tape Divas  (recommended age: 7-18) - Book Now

X-essories can be X-treme with the hottest material to hit fashion - DUCT TAPE. Let's get X-essive with our X-essories together!

AG Fashion Party "BYOAG"- NEW   (recommended age: 5-10) - Book Now

So many looks and so little time! Bring your own American Girl doll with your favorite outfits and the style her for the fashion show of her life! The "ladies" will rock their models down the runway as if its Fashion Week in NYC! 

Rock It On The Runway (recommended age: ALL AGES) - Book Now

Bring in your favorite outfit or pieces and let's get styled and prepped to rock the runway! Be your own "America's next Top Model" in your very own fashion show.