what people are saying
"they were professional and wonderful with the kids"
- L. Schreiber, parent
I wanted to write to you to rave about how wonderful your staff was today and how fantastic the party was.  The duct tape party was absolutely wonderful from start to finish.  Becky and her delightful crew were so organized and on top of everything.  They were helpful and friendly.  They were professional and wonderful with the kids.   They made it fun and special and the kids were really thrilled with the wonderful bags that they created.  Becky made it so easy for me.  We all enjoyed the party very much.  I am so thrilled that we opted to have the party with you and I can't thank you enough for being so wonderful.
I wanted to reach out to let you know how much Madison is enjoying Future Fashionista's at Burnett Hill.  Wow!  She has been so inspired by the class and can't stop talking about it!  She loves her inspiration board and her portfolio and can't wait to start making clothes.  She loves Hallie's energy and always seems to have a "fashion emergency".  I didn't realize that a program like this existed and I'm so happy Madison got to be a part of it. I'm just amazed at how much she and her friends have taken to it.  Keep up the good work.  We'll definitely be seeing you in more of your programs :).
"so inspired by the class"
- Shari M., parent
"opportunity to express herself"
- Wendy B., parent
OMG….Thank You!  What have you done to my daughter? She is a completely different person! She is so so so excited today for the presentation! This is a child who is deathly afraid of any type of spotlight on her and she absolutely CAN NOT wait until her presentation today. I have never in her life seen her so relaxed and excited about anything. I have to tell you that she thoroughly enjoyed you and your Future Fashionista class, you have no idea. No joke, I really think that she might have found her niche in life. You have opened up a new door for her...I have tried sports, gymnastics, dance, jewelry making, you name it, where she has always done well, but never really felt comfortable. In your class, she is completely in her element.Thanks again for everything and giving Elayna the opportunity to really express herself.   
Our daughter has been sketching fashion designs for as long as we can remember, ...we started looking for a program to develop her skills.  A family friend told us about Future Fashionistas, ...we have been amazed at what she has learned ever since. Future Fashionistas has not only given our daughter the skills to sew, illustrate and develop a portfolio; it has given her self confidence in her design ability and she is excited about pursuing her future in fashion design.  Hallie Dennis and Mindy Scheier are truly the most amazing mentors and teachers, and we are so thankful that our daughter is part of a program that will help her to develop a future career in the world of fashion! 
"truly the most amazing mentors and teachers"
- Debra C., parent